rotary-international-logoThe design of this website was sponsored by the Ladies Committee of the Eastern Guatemala chapter of the Rotary Club, a private, nonprofit and volunteer group, conformed by the wives of the businessmen, professionals and civic leaders that are members of the Rotary Club. Its mission, vision and objectives have been adopted from those proposed by Rotary International worldwide, focusing these principles on the service to others, in the promotion of integrity, and the promotion of understanding, goodwill and peace. The support for social service projects makes true one of the Rotary principles: GIVE FROM SELF BEFORE THINKING OF ONE’S SELF.

As part of that vision, they decided to support institutions working to promote, rescue and protect our cultural heritage. Because of the high maintenance cost involved, the lack of support from government institutions, and a poor dissemination and knowledge of what we have, we run the risk of losing our own identities and traditions. To commemorate the ending of a time cycle in the Mayan Calendar, and as a support to enhance the Maya cultural heritage, this year the committee decided to support La Ruta Maya Foundation, among several projects.