Jade MaskA mosaic mask of La Ruta Maya Foundation, was restored from a handful of small pieces of jade, coral and shell. The batch of mosaic pieces was registered a few years ago with the No. by the Cultural Heritage Registry, who put the number behind the part identified as the nose. The mosaics of jade were put in place and glued on a resin base. The restoration was based on careful studies of the pieces and is completely reversible.

This object was part of the permanent exhibition of the Príncipe Maya Museum, which was located in the center of the city of Cobán, Alta Verapaz (Guatemala). This collection, unable to continue under the care of the previous holders, became part of the Ruta Maya Foundation to ensure safekeeping, care, access to researchers and students, and its exhibition to the general public.

Tres Bloques con Inscripciones Regresan a GuatemalaThe Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with La Ruta Maya Foundation, concluded the process to return three limestone blocks with inscriptions to Guatemala. The three are part of one of the Hieroglyphic Staircases from La Corona Archaeological Site and refer to dates between 662 AD and 683 A.D.

Archaeologists Marcello Canuto (Tulane University) and Tomas Barrientos (Universidad del Valle de Guatemala), who directed excavations at the archaeological site of La Corona, commented: "The recovery of these blocks is a big step for the reconstruction of the hieroglyphic staircase discovered this year, as it was completely dismantled by looters”. It also sets a precedent to recover other blocks from this and other staircases that are now in museums and private collections outside Guatemala.

Visita a La Ruta Maya por el Excelentísimo Señor Principal don Tomás Calvo MateoOn July 26, 2012, Mr. Tomas Calvo Mateo, “Cofrade Principal”, and his group of “Principals” of the Indigenous Municipality of Santo Tomás Chuwilá, Chichicastenango, made a courtesy visit to La Ruta Maya in Guatemala City, driven by their interest in the Repatriation Program of the foundation. As a result of this meeting, and sharing of knowledge, the Municipality and the Foundation started to strengthen cooperation ties to work on joint initiatives related to the recovery and repatriation of historical documents.

As an expression of their support and solidarity to the Foundation, the Pre-Columbian collection was consecrated and blessed by Tomas Calvo and the “Principals”, in a simple but solemn ceremony. In addition, the foundation has been considered by them to work in cooperation with the Municipality in the Museum’s remodelation, as well as in the caretaking of their Pre-Columbian collection, which encompasses thousands of objects found in the region, and duly registered with the Register of Cultural Property.