Here you will find links to interesting resources about the Maya, especially for kids. Enjoy them!

The buttons around a colourful wheel take you to different topics such as the Calendar, Architecture, Art, and Nature, among many others. Click on the following link to learn more about the Mayans and their Universe. Website only in Spanish (easy reading).
Ixtz'unun -hummingbird in Maya- is a 9 year old girl who, with her family, has a number of stories, based on archaeological and anthropological discoveries made during the years 2004-2006 in the ancient city known as Zapote Bobal (Petén , Guatemala). The city and the character portray the life and customs during the Classic period of the Mayan culture (250-850 d. C.), which was the most splendid in the arts, politics, science and architecture. Website only in Spanish (easy reading and comprehension). Find the collection of cartoons created by archaeologist Melanie Forné at the following link:
A wonderful website for kids about the MAYAS and COPAN archaeological site (Honduras) can be found following this link (website in Spanish and English):
Do you want to learn how the Maya Calendar works? Visit the webpage of our friends from PACUNAM clicking on this link (website in Spanish and English):
La Ruta Maya publishes articles in the CULTURE section of the PUBLIRUTA Magazine, which is given for free to each passenger in any of the bus companies that travel throughout Guatemala and reach other countries in Central America. If you are not traveling by bus, you can read and download and collect the articles in high resolution format clicking here: You can also read directly from the blog by clicking (Articles only in Spanish language).
LIVING MAYA TIME: Sun, Corn and Calendar. This page by the Smithsonbian National Museum of the American Indian gives you basic information about the Maya. special for children and young students. Check out the resources by clicking (website in English and Spanish)
Animated video of the POPOL VUH, the Quiche Maya creation myth by Patricia Amlin (Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Media, 1989). Animations from original maya vases. The Popol Vuh is a sacred text of the Quiche Maya, from the area now known as Guatemala. It is considered one of the most important pieces of mythology from the culture. This video is in English and is approximately 1 hour long.