La Ruta Maya - Quienes Somos

Founded on October 25, 1990 by Wilbur Garrett, retired editor of the National Geographic Magazine, La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation is organized as a nonprofit in the United States under the laws of the State of Virginia. Since 2004 the presidency is held by Mr. Fernando Paiz, a Guatemalan businessman recognized for his support to the arts, culture and education. In 2007 starts operations in Guatemala, where is registered in the Ministry of the Interior as Fundación La Ruta Maya.

Fundación La Ruta Maya (Guatemala) is the only private organization in Central America that promotes and manages the recovery of archaeological property that left the country illegally in the past decades, with the purpose of repatriation. The Foundation also receives donations in Guatemala.

Vision: To foster a society concerned with the rescue and conservation of its cultural values by educating the new generations to preserve them in a sustainable manner.

Mission: To recover, preserve, study and exhibit its archaeological collections, support museums, publish academic documents, and implement educational programs.



One of the goals of the La Ruta Maya Foundation -in addition to returning objects to the country- is to share the collection of Pre-Columbian art in its custody as follows:
(1) Organizing temporary exhibitions in museums and venues with cultural spaces; (2) making collections accessible to researchers and students, and (3) strengthening museums and exhibitions in the country and abroad.

The collection consists of more than 3,000 objects duly registered as National Cultural Heritage at the Register of Cultural Patrimony of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

La Ruta Maya provides a platform to disseminate research and related events -about cultural and natural heritage of the Maya world- through our website and our page in